Security Awareness for Busy People

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Scott Brown, Instructor

Since you will be hearing a lot from me in this course, it is a good time to introduce myself and provide my experience in the security industry and perspective on teaching security awareness to others.


I enjoy teaching people so that they feel more secure in their home or at work.

I find it odd that companies will provide security awareness training for employees, but forget that the majority of people's lives are spent at home, and yet provide no training for that. As the world becomes more digital and moves toward a remote work lifestyle, it is critical that people receive more holistic security awareness training, one that incorporates aspects of security they will encounter in both their work, their home, and abroad.


I approach training people from a humble stance. I'm not "the teacher," I just have a different set of skills that I want to share with others. Likewise, I don't see students as knowing less than me just because they don't have good security habits. Security is incredibly hard to understand at first because it is often not taught anywhere, at least in a holistic way like what I teach in this course. In fact, I love learning and see new perspectives from people because it helps me understand and expand my knowledge about how security interacts with their daily life.

My ultimate goal is to see that each student is able to become independent when it concerns their security, curious about this new secure-and-yet-insecure world around them, and a champion for others when it comes to securing people's information.


Both during and after obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, I developed two core passions: automation and security.

I like to make a manual process more efficient by having a computer do it instead. Automation is rewarding, but difficult work, as you need to tell a machine how to perform a task as well as do it faster than you can blink. Thus, in order for automation to be successful one has to identify the various steps to complete the task, as well as the various ways in which it can fail. This focus on how things fail is what overlaps with my passion for security.

I have been professionally active in the security industry for over 20 years but for most of that time I did not hold the job title of security. Instead, my positions were abstract like software developer or infrastructure operations. As I built and maintained large computer systems for various enterprises, I felt it necessary to ensure programs worked the way they were intended. That intention is the crux of what security is about, applications often have unintended functionality that is triggered due to accident or because someone (possibly nefarious) stumbles upon it.

I was then granted the opportunity to be the Head of Security of a private company, where I oversaw the safety and security of the company's employees, its systems, and customer data. In an unexpected twist of fate, I learned that my most important act in this position wasn't so much technical, but in providing a bespoke one hour security awareness training course to new employees. I covered a variety of topics, not just about the company's security practices but also lessons that people can use in their personal lives. It was then I realized that this type of training could be made available to everyone of any skill level, and priced so that it is accessible too.

I hope you decide to purchase my course. I am certain that you will be both entertained and enlightened once you realize how this training can improve the perspective and security in your life.

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